Sales Recruitment Surrey

Employers face a lot of challenges when it comes to recruiting staff. The aim is to find the best person for each role, ensuring they will bring the maximum value and take the business forward rather than causing conflict. At Blackrock Search we help employers to find the right candidates, establishing ourselves as the leading specialist in sales recruitment Surrey has.

Our approach to finding the right candidates for roles begins with working closely with the employer. That way we can address their specific needs and the challenges they are faced with. Ultimately it allows us to determine what their recruiting strategy is and lets us build the perfect brief for the role. It also shows us more about the culture of the business so we can see if candidates will suit it.

In addition to this we work closely with each candidate when we recruit them, ensuring we gather as much information about them and their career goals as we can. This is a great help when it comes to selecting people for roles, allowing us to match them effectively.

The services we provide cover the whole spectrum of the sales sector, assisting employers involved in everything from telesales to sales directors. In addition we help specialists working with channel management and bid management. We serve both public and private businesses, maintaining the very highest standards.

The interactive recruitment services we offer can be used by employers looking to fill all manner of roles and candidates searching for them. Specific roles we can recruit staff for include;

  • IT Sales, Technology and Consulting
  • Office Solutions
  • Security, fire and access control
  • health and social care technology

In addition to recruitment itself we can also support employers with talent retention. This is very important in the social care sector and helps to deliver continuity. We have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, supporting businesses with retaining their workforce.

Whilst working hard to find the best candidates for employers and helping job seekers find their perfect career path we always comply with the highest industry standards. In fact over the years we have actively worked to improve them, ensuring we deliver beyond what is expected of us. This translates into services that can be relied on.

If you are looking for help you can call on us to work with the leading specialist involved in sales recruitment Surrey has. Please get in touch to discuss your needs with us personally.